wildflower meadow (GL01)

Ordering number GL01
Sowing rate cca 0,1–0,2 kg / 100 m2
1 kg

Biotope wildflower meadows are a modern alternative to maintenance-intensive, short-mowed ornamental or sports lawns. They are a mixture of grasses, meadow flowers and herbs that can be planted on heavy-rough areas or between individual driving ranges, i.e. sections that are not used for regular golfing. Planting wildflower meadow in these parts of a golf course enriches the surroundings with a view of many differently-coloured flowering plants, selected and blended exclusively from flowers native to the Czech Republic.

Wildflower meadow GL01 for mesophytic sites (i.e. the most usual terrain surfaces). These sites are neither, too dry or too moist.


Latin nameMixture composition
Agrostis capillaris1.5 %
Anthoxanthum odoratum2 %
Briza media1.5 %
Bromus mollis3 %
Cynosurus cristatus2.5 %
Festuca trachyphylla5 %
Festuca rubra commutata5 %
Festuca rubra rubra8 %
Trisetum flavescens1.5 %
Grass seed part:30 %
Achillea millefolium0.5 %
Agrimonia eupatoria4 %
Agrostemma githago2 %
Anthemis tinctoria1 %
Campanula rapunculoides0.5 %
Centaurea cyanus1 %
Centaurea jacea6 %
Cichorium intybus1 %
Crepis biennis0.5 %
Daucus carota1.5 %
Dianthus carthusianorum1 %
Galium album2.5 %
Galium verum2.5 %
Hypericum perforatum0.5 %
Knautia arvensis5 %
Leontodon hispidus0.2 %
Leucanthemum vulgare5 %
Lotus corniculatus2 %
Lychnis flos-cuculi0.5 %
Malva moschata2.5 %
Onobrychis viciifolia5 %
Papaver rhoeas0.3 %
Pimpinella saxifraga1 %
Plantago lanceolata1 %
Prunella vulgaris2.5 %
Rumex acetosa0.5 %
Salvia pratensis2 %
Sanquisorba minor8 %
Securigera varia2 %
Silene vulgaris2.5 %
Tragopogon pratensis0.5 %
Trifolium pratense2 %
Vicia cracca3 %
Herbs and flower seed part:70 %

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