Ordering number CP12
Dosage cca 3–4 kg / 100 m2
25 kg
year-round and regeneration

Organo-mineral lawn fertilizer VITAL-GREEN with a higher content of nitrogen (N) supporting growth and offshooting intensity of grass. The fertilizer is enriched with magnesium (MgO) supporting formation of chlorophyl, which is very important for an optimum course of photosynthesis, and iron (Fe), which gives the lawn a dark green colour. It is designed for perfect nutrition of all types of lawns, especially for regular fertilization of golf putting greens, teeing areas, fairways as well as sports lawns, used from March until the end of September. The MINIGRAN technology ensures gradual release of nutrients into soil. The fertilizer improves resistance of grass to spring and summer stresses.

Fertilizer composition

nitrogen (N) 14 %
phosphorous (P) 4 %
potassium (K) 8 %
magnesium (MgO) 3 %
iron (Fe) 0,05 %
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